January 17, 2019

Aurelia the Really was no ordinary princess.

Every feeling was a feeling Aurelia really, really felt.

Every flower was a flower Aurelia really, really fancied.

Every frock was a frock Aurelia really, really frolicked in – quite to the dismay of the lords and the ladies.

The rest of the kingdom, try as they might, could not really fathom the little Aurelia.

For unbeknownst to all, she secretly ruled another kingdom within.

Her memories and musings spread like flowering vines, all the way up the stone tower of her strong ideas.

Aurelia really, really liked it there. But her sunlit castle was invisible to those outside.

So one day, she set out on a quest to bring the two kingdoms together.

The more tales Aurelia told of her inner kingdom, the more visible it became to the outer kingdom.

Then, Princess Aurelia the Really began to feel a little less unfathomable, and a lot more good.

Really, really good.

P.S. I write from my personal experience as an autistic. What I share is not a substitute for advice from an autistic medical professional. Also, some of my opinions have changed since I first wrote them.