July 7, 2019

Everyone’s talking about the casting of the new Little Mermaid, but what I’m most excited to see is the modern portrayal of a nonspeaking Disney princess.

In the original movie, the prince seems to take interest in silent Ariel based on her looks alone. But inability to speak does not mean inability to think.

Thirty …

March 9, 2019

In the movie Tangled, a baby princess sees an emblem in her nursery before being kidnapped. Growing up, she recreates that emblem all over her prison tower, unaware that it represents royalty. When she finally learns its meaning, it causes her to realize that she is the long-lost princess.

Autism is my royalty. Its traits, …

January 29, 2019

Someone who knows me very well says that he imagines the inside of my brain like the interior of a castle.

Stained glass windows stretch all the way up the walls of its grandest room, spilling colorful light onto rows of desks where scribes sit typing. What they write gets sent up pneumatic tubes, to …

January 17, 2019

Aurelia the Really was no ordinary princess.

Every feeling was a feeling Aurelia really, really felt.

Every flower was a flower Aurelia really, really fancied.

Every frock was a frock Aurelia really, really frolicked in – quite to the dismay of the lords and the ladies.

The rest of the kingdom, try as they might, …