June 26, 2020

Elijah McClain’s self-advocacy was the kind that I aspire to – clear, concise, and compassionate.

“That’s my house,” he told three police officers. “I was just going home. I’m an introvert. I’m just different. That’s all. I’m so sorry… Ow, that really hurt.”

It wasn’t enough to save his life.

I have this fantasy that …

June 18, 2019

“Your blood pressure is higher than last time,” said the doctor.

“That’s because you were asking me questions as you tested it,” I answered, “and multitasking is stressful. Can you try again?”

She retested it, this time in silence except for instructions about the testing. My blood pressure was fine.

That appointment broke a myth …

October 28, 2018

This week, two different people sent me long audio clips (over 30 minutes) and asked my opinion on them.

In the past, I would have procrastinated for weeks before finally listening to each thing, and even then I’d have split the task across several days.

But now I understand my brain better, including why I …