January 20, 2021

I’m conscientious to a fault, because I can’t figure out when it’s safe not to be.

In between “Everybody does that” and “Nobody does that,” there’s a gray area: “Many do that, and most get away with it.”

In high school, I wish I’d known that my gray area could have included skimming through required reading, studying most (not all) of the facts I might be tested on, and occasionally making guesses.

I’m still trying to figure out my gray area as an adult. I probably work harder than I need to, because I haven’t mastered the art of what to prioritize, and what to rush through or skip.

Speed limits are designed to be broken by 10 miles per hour – above that, the consequences begin. I want to learn what those 10 miles translate to, in other areas of life.

P.S. I write from my personal experience as an autistic. What I share is not a substitute for advice from an autistic medical professional. Also, some of my opinions have changed since I first wrote them.